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Visa Credit Card

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visa credit card

I will never forget my 18th birthday, for many reasons than one. Other than being the obvious milestone to adulthood and freedom, it was also the first time I received a credit card, courtesy of my doting parents. It was a Visa credit card, but heck, it could`ve been any other card and I would`ve been over the moon! A credit card for crying out loud! Visions of limitless shopping sprees and frequent Starbucks dates emerged. This was, by far, probably the best birthday gift ever!

Not! Within a few months, I`d racked up a riotous Visa credit card bill, which no doubt cost a few parent-child riots at home, and I found I was being charged more than what was worth it. Hmmm….so I did spend quite a sum on chai lattes and designer togs, but isn`t that what a Visa credit card is for? Surely it would be a total waste to let it be hidden in my purse? Needless to say, my supposed ‘irresponsible and wasteful` expenditure caused said doting parents to cancel my Visa credit card.

Tears ensued. Absolute heartbreak! And I didn`t have my weekend extra frappuchino to cheer me up either! Contemplating a life without the Visa credit card seemed bleak. Until a friend introduced me to the Discover card. Everything she said about the card seemed great-but why would I want another credit card after my Visa disaster?

But she did seem to have a point. Super stylish, latte in hand, and always with the latest tech gadgets, my friend seemed to have it all. With all her luxury expenses, surely she would`ve been bust by now right? Not with her Discover card she wasn`t! Curious, and eager to satisfy my caffeine cravings, I decided to apply for one. After all, she did say I would get 5% cash back on anything I spent-Starbucks here I come!

True enough, I did get a 5% discount on every thing I purchased. In fact, the more I purchased, the more I got back. Unbelievable, but totally true! My parents were initially worried about the new card. After all, a credit card is a credit card, regardless of the name and design. But that`s where they are wrong! With Discover, it`s almost impossible to go broke. Not only do they not charge you interest, you also earn unlimited credit card rewards with it!

In my first week as a Discover card client, I got back $100 already! That`s something you don`t get with the Visa credit card! It felt good to be able to save and be financially savvy without having to compromise on style and getting what I want immediately. Plus, it was easy to keep track of my financial statements, as a monthly email would alert me about my impending payments.

So for my parents anniversary, I`d like to gift them with a Discover card too. Out with the Visa and in with Discover is my new motto! I`m glad my Visa experience is not a once bitten twice shy situation. Can you imagine the rewards I`d have missed out on? To all the people at Discover, keep up the good work! I am one happy customer!

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