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Rewards Credit Cards

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rewards credit cards

I love rewards! But then again who doesn`t? As a kid, a little bar of chocolate could get me psyched up! Now….I guess you could say it`d take a lot more than a Kit Kat to make my adrenaline pump. Something along the lines of a million bucks and an unlimited shopping spree maybe? Yeah, sure, in a million years!

Thankfully, with Discover More rewards credit cards, my above daydream can be turned into a reality. And no, I don`t have to sign up for some bogus lottery ticket, or one of those scratch and win scams. It`s way easier than that! You see, with my Discover More rewards credit cards, I`m literally entitled to get 5% of whatever I spend! So let`s say I buy a new dress for the upcoming college prom that costs…$500, I get back $25 bucks, which I can use to buy some cool accessories-how simple and cost effective is that? Very! It`s definitely the new way to shop among the young.

Speaking of which, I sometimes don`t even have to leave home when shopping for the perfect anything. As a registered member of ShopDiscover, Discover More Cards virtual online retailer, a whole retail world is at my fingertips, literally! All I am require to do is click and pay using my Discover More card. Not only that, but when I shop using the Discover More rewards credit cards, I`m entitled to a 5-20% discount at any store I go to. Yup, it gets better and better! Rewards credit cards are a new way credit card companies are attracting customers, but nobody does it better than Discover More.

Travel, home equipment, groceries and even gas for my car is completely taken care of by my Discover More rewards credit cards. It`s the one thing I make sure I never leave behind no matter where I go. Rewards are mine to claim any time I spend money, so it`s like a continuous world of discounts. The more I spend, the more cash back I receive and in the long run, I also accumulate points to help me redeem more rewards. It`s like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But wait! There`s more! I did mention it would be nice to win the lottery right? Well ladies and gentlemen, look no further than Discover More`s rewards credit cards annual ‘lottery`. It`s not a true lottery in the sense of the word. No tickets are required. None of that ‘lucky number` crap. Everyone stands a chance to win-as long as you`re a Discover more member of course. While I may not have won millions, I did manage to make a tidy sum….$5000 anyone? And to be a member does not, I repeat, does not require any membership fee that others impose on their clients.

I would be a terrible liar if I said that the Discover card is not the best card in the world- because it most definitely is! Worlds of opportunities are at my feet, all these courtesy of my Discover More card. Indeed, the card has opened a lot of doors for me and having been a member for 2 consecutive years, it`s safe to say I have no complaints and doubt there will be any in the future. Regret is not part of the package when I signed up for my Discover More card-so what are you waiting for?

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