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instant credit card

I`ve finally found the one. The girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. After buzzing about like any other busy bee, hopping from flower to flower, I`ve found the girl of my dreams and so far she seems to be giving all the right signals that I`m not so bad myself. While I`m no slouch financially, it`s always good to have backup when you`re taking your girl out for a night out of town or spending some quality time at some remote and exotic place for a weekend vacation. I found this out the hard way a while back when I found myself between a hard place and a sad girlfriend when we had sudden problems with the car. I`d be a few hundred bucks short for our first overnight date on an island retreat. Since we`d been planning the trip for months I couldn`t let her down, so I tried to look for that financial support through some instant credit card applications online.

Initially the search was a total bust as I found that most of these instant credit card applications either mean you get shut down instantly, or they wave a disclaimer at you stating it will take about 30 days for approval. Thankfully, I hit jackpot with the Discover More card through its instant credit card application online. While the card`s instant credit card application approval was great, I have to say I didn`t really research the card`s extra benefits all that much. All I knew at the time was that it fulfilled most of what I wanted in a card, in that it had 0% annual fee, a $0 credit fraud liability plan and 5% cash-back bonuses.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Discover More card was very useful, especially for travel and dining, with its 5% cashback bonus in effect with every purchase I swiped the card for. We went to all the usual suspects like Chilli`s and TGIF, but there were also a few rather less-known gems in their list of partners, unlike some other credit cards which tend to stock some rather obscure merchants in their participating partners list. Seeing her eyes light up as we talked over some bottomless tostada chips was priceless, kissing a smudge of chili queso off her lips even more so. And for those places where credit cards wasn`t an option, getting actual cash from the card was simplicity itself. Since I wasn`t really sure of the location for one of the Discover ATMs, I simply stopped into the local bank and withdrew some backup cash. At its 3% interest and no maximum limit, this was a pretty good deal.

Looking back, I have to say that the spur of the moment decision to get that Discover credit card was one of the best financial decisions I ever made. There are even rewards offered when I pay on time; and primarily because of their cash-back bonuses, I transferred all the balances from my other cards and cancelled them all. It was really a blessing to have found the card on such short notice, as that first vacation date blossomed into something really special, and now my fiancée and I are looking to get married soon. I`m thinking of getting her a supplementary instant credit card to help her out as well. If you`re interested, that instant credit card application is still entirely online, along with the instant credit card approval.

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