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Discover Credit Card

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

discover credit card

Credit cards are one of the "in-things" nowadays. The common age range of people that use credit cards are revealed to be mostly young adults. The fact that their careers are still not stable yet could be a contributing factor. Of those statistics, and for that reason, I also decided to get a credit card for myself. While browsing through to find a suitable credit card which matched my needs, I came across the Discover credit card. It seemed to have attractive options, so I decided to find out more about it.

The primary attraction of the card, to me, was its 5% cash back bonus. In a nutshell, you will gain a five percent bonus for any purchase you`ve made using the Discover credit card. This is a fair amount considering that we spend on things like gas, groceries, clothes, gadgets and vacation fees. Besides that, the card doesn`t hold out annual fees to its customers. The card also comes with a 0%interest rate for the first year.

If you`re a good paymaster and pay your bills on time, you will get cash advances of up to 23.99%. As I have mentioned earlier, the Discover credit card gives out cash back bonus on every purchase that you make. This includes online purchases too. The redemption points obtained through these purchases can be converted into cash into your account, or given to charity if you should choose so. In addition, I was blindsided by the catalogue of rewards they put up for redemption.

The Discover credit card also boasts some impressive security features. Offering complete fraud protection, the organization has assigned fraud specialists to deal with customer situations. This ensures that things run on schedule for the customers. It`s more of a necessity than an option, really, as people prefer doing online shopping rather than going to the mall nowadays. Discover has been constantly updating their network with the best defences in order to secure their customer`s security.

The best thing about doing online shopping with the Discover credit card, is that we do not have to reveal our real card number. Shopping at the Discover Store offers privileges to members that allow them to maintain anonymity while making payment.

Discover credit card also sends e-mails to users to remind them to pay their bills. Thus comes in handy when you`ve got other things to worry about at the end of the month, so you don`t accidentally incur extra interest. They will also send notifications through e-mails whenever you come close to reaching your credit limit. Plus, the Direct Pay system gives us the choice to determine whether we want to make our monthly payments through their network or by default.

Lastly, the feature that will most probably attract young adults is the availability in card design. There are almost 100 designs that we can choose from to personalize our Discover credit card. You can also update your card design whenever you want. As the traditional plastic card may harm the environment, Discover credit cards are made using biodegradable materials, a feature which should be attractive to those who are ecologically conscious.

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