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Credit Cards With Rewards

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

credit cards with rewards

Five. Besides being my favorite number, it is also the number of credit cards I have. But out of all the Visas and the Mastercards I own, none has reaped me as much benefits as the Discover More credit card. Indeed, when it comes to credit cards with rewards, nothing beats the latter.

With my Discover card, I`m entitled to a ton of rewards in every field. Take food for example. Every time I eat out at my favorite restaurant, I get back 5% of whatever I spend. How is that possible? Well the Discover More card has a 5% cash back policy on anything I spend. That includes clothing, bags, gadgets, groceries and just about anything I could want. New categories are always being implemented each year, so the list of rewards keep growing.

When it comes to credit cards with rewards, the only name you need to know is Discover. I`ve earned myself many a vacation in exotic places like the Maldives, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, simply by using my Discover More credit cards with rewards.
From ticket reservations to hotel bookings, and subsequent sightseeing tours, everything is taken care of by my card. All I need to do is sit back, relax and take in the scenery! Now isn`t that something members of other credit cards can only dream of?

Credit cards with rewards? Me like! So what else is on the itinerary? Shopping of course! As a member of ShopDiscover, Discover More Cards virtual online retailer, I`m guaranteed a whooping 5% to 20% discount at all the online shops. Plus, I don`t even have to leave my seat as I can do all my shopping online. Just click and pay. Talk about convenient! Shopping with my Discover More card has yielded me a world of rewards I never knew existed. It`s satisfyingly rewarding to know that I`m being treated as how a first class client should be treated.

And then of course there`s the 0% annual fee. Most cards charge the roof for the ‘privilege` to be associated with them, but at Discover, it`s the other way round. To be associated with their clients, is their pleasure, thus the reason for the non existent annual fee. I think that`s sensible customer relations. And then of course, there`s the ‘lucky draw lottery` where I stand a chance of winning some grand cash prizes-I`m pretty psyched up for this years ‘lucky draw`, having won 10 grand last year, I`m pray-ing for another windfall-fingers crossed!

Credit cards with rewards don`t get any better than Discover More. So if I were you, I`d chuck my Visas and American Expresses` into the garbage bin and sign up pronto for Discover More. It`s fast, convenient and free of hassles and interest-everything you could want in a credit card right? Don`t wait any longer! Rewards are yours to claim-as I already have!

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