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The other day, I was surfing the net when I came across the usual pop-up ad for credit cards online urging me to sign up for one. Advertisements for credit cards online have been burgeoning very much of late and have no doubt been a constant source of annoyance for those surfing the net, who are clearly not interested in their offers.

On the other hand, these ads can be welcome for those looking to find more information on credit cards online. In fact, this is exactly how I stumbled upon my first credit card - the Discover More credit card, which I have been using for the past 3 years now.

Not many people have heard of the Discover More credit card, but through advertising of their credit cards online, they have no doubt gained much more attention, and rightfully so. I won`t go into the nitty-gritty numerical details of what the Discover card does, but let`s just say it`s definitely value for money!

As far as credit cards online go, I guess I`d say Discover is definitely the safest of the lot. For instance, the people at Discover are big on security, as credit card information and fraud is a very real issue. Stringent security measures have been implemented to guard customer`s credit card information. This includes a 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encodes any information you send over the internet, so as to prevent online phishing of credit card information.

They also ensure that the person that makes a transaction is the owner of the credit card in question by requesting information only available on said credit card. What this means is that unless someone else has your credit card with them, they shouldn`t be able to get through into your account. It`s like having to pass a gate at the initial password request, and having to pass another one at this information request.

Multiple firewalls are also part of the safety system. To ensure that you are on the correct web page, check that the web address starts with a "https" instead of "http" only. A padlock icon at the bottom of the browser is also another indicator. It is common to hear of many scam cases revolving around credit cards online, but with my Discover More credit card, this has never been the case.

Discover More is all about putting the customer first, so paying your bills for credit cards online is made easy for your convenience. All you need is a blank check for your account to enroll. Enter your banking information once during sign up and you'll never have to enter it again. There's no charge for using this service. To enroll or make a payment, log in to the Account Center, for which you have to register.

Complaints about their website? I have none. And neither would you, if you made the right choice when it comes to credit cards online. I have the best of both worlds -virtually and literally, when I signed up for my Discover More credit cards online. You shouldn`t be left out on this deal either.

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