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Credit Cards Bad Credit

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credit card`s bad credit

Diamonds may be a girl`s best friend, but a credit card is her true companion for life! With the wide array of credit cards to choose from, we`re definitely spoilt for choice these days, but one thing is for sure: No one offers more benefits and rewards than the Discover More credit card!

While you may own a Visa, an AmEx and a MasterCard, the Discover More credit card is something you better not leave behind wherever you go, a fact that I well remember every time I head to the shopping mall. It offers up to 5% cash back on various purchases throughout the year-what this means is that you can do your shopping around the year, without having to wait for the sale season. Categories include travel, home improvement, gas, groceries, restaurants and so much more! Plus, I can earn 1% cash back on all my purchases anytime. The rewards are redeemable in $20 increments and don`t have an expiry date, so that`s a plus for those who can`t remember to redeem their rewards!
Of course all this shopping sprees can, and have taken a toll on me, read: credit cards bad credit But that was back in the days before I discovered the Discover card-excuse the pun. Now, with Discover, credit cards bad credit is like a thing of the past, and luckily too. They have a much easier way to deal with bad credit, and in fact, it doesn`t seem like such a huge issue at all, if you know what to do of course.

While other cards might not want to accept you due to bad credit, you do stand a chance with Discover. Here`s what you might want to do in order to avoid credit cards bad credit. Don`t be late with your payments. When it comes to raising or maintaining your credit score, the most important thing you can do is pay all your bills on time, as I`ve discovered. The "pay by" date is the date by which your payment must be received. When you`re paying your bills, be sure to allow sufficient time for mailing to avoid a late fee. You may want to consider other payment options, such as online payments or pre-authorized debit, which are fast and free. Plus, you get to save money doing so. It`s not all that hard to keep track of payments when you have a Discover card, as they will email you notifications of due payments, weeks before the date.

Credit cards bad credit doesn`t have to happen if you avoid carrying a balance. Easier said than done right? Not if you`re a Discover customer. I`m charged 0% on APR, plus I get 5% cash back on all my purchases, so really, it`s not all that bad. If you can pay your bills in full and avoid carrying balances on your credit cards, your credit score is likely to increase. High balances are bad for your credit score. Even if you pay more than the minimum and all of your bills on time, high utilization of credit is typically a sign of financial stress and will lower your credit score. If you must revolve your balances, keep them to a small amount of your available credit.

With the Discover card, it`s impossible to have problems like credit cards bad credit. You`re always well informed and kept on your toes, and with the cash back features, and 0% interest, there is just NO way you can overspend-take it from a shopaholic like me. So for all of you with credit cards bad credit, there`s only one word you need to know: Discover!

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