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Credit Card Transfer

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credit card transfer

You know you`re in deep trouble when your credit card emits a ‘reject` sound at the end of the checkout lane when you`re at the supermarket. Look who just overspent! Or maybe your card is having a credit card transfer problem? If you often find yourself stuck in a sticky situation like the one above, fret not! You`re not alone.

How do I know this? That`s because I`ve experienced the same embarrassing situation too, albeit in a very public high end boutique at that. Not a very nice thing to happen in public, I can assure you. It`s like being caught with your hand in a cookie jar.

Anyway, it turns out the reason I couldn`t complete the transaction wasn`t because of bad credit, but because of some credit card transfer difficulties, through no fault of mine, really. This didn`t happen just once, or twice, but a whole slew of times! It occurred so many times, it was bordering on the point of sheer ridiculousness.

A little check up proved that the fault lay on the other end of the credit system, so I decided to switch credit cards. No point being a customer of a card with such lousy customer service. Now I`m a Discover More customer, and so far, things have been relatively smooth. Honestly. I`m quite impressed with the way they handle things. Their customer service is top notch! I am never put on hold when I call, and all my questions are answered immediately with worthwhile solutions. The staff at hand are really efficient, and I`ve never been left hanging on my own. It`s nice to know I`m in good hands.

With the switch, my credit card transfer problems were solved. In fact, doing a credit card transfer is so much easier with Discover More. I don`t have to go through the unnecessary hassle and Q&A one usually has to endure with other cards. Plus, it`s nice to know that all my credit card transfers are completely secure with Discover More`s stringent security measures, which are implemented to guard my credit card transfer information from being stolen. They include a 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encodes any information I send over the internet, so as to prevent online phishing of credit card transfer details.

My credit card transfer details are also protected through the multiple firewalls that have been installed by the company to safe guard their customer`s personal information. To ensure that you are on the correct web page, check that the web address starts with a "https" instead of "http" only. A padlock icon at the bottom of the browser is also another indicator. It is common to hear of many scam cases of credit cards online, but with my Discover More credit card, this has never been the case.

Discover is all about the customer, and nowhere else will you find such quality service at your beck and call. There are credit cards, and then there are credit cards. Go figure!

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