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Credit Card Rewards

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credit card rewards

Credit cards. They can be a never-ending love affair for many who use it as a pathway to spice up their lifestyles, or help settle financial headaches instantly. For a woman like myself, it`s one of my best companions, after my spouse (of course) - and I wouldn`t be hard pressed to find someone else who shares that thought. I have been a credit card junkie for many years, and until now have no regrets. Although I own a few cards, my personal favorite is the Discover® More credit card, something I never leave my house with.

Why do I love my Discover ® More credit card so much? One of the reasons is because it offers some of the best credit card rewards around. I`m a self-confessed shopaholic, and it`s almost a weekly routine for me to go downtown for some grocery shopping or checking out the latest fashion in the complex. And when I see something my heart desires, I grab it, because my Discover Card gives me a 5% cashback bonus for the things that I purchase. That`s like a permanent 5% discount wherever I go.

And, this great credit card rewards doesn`t just pay off when you are outside but also when you are shopping online. I get 5% to 20% cashback bonuses whenever I shop online for my Clinique products; it is that convenient, not to mention secure. There are over 100 other retailers you can shop from. I have never been more pleased with my online shopping since I got my Discover® More credit card.

You know, many people who use credit cards don`t really bother with the other cool stuff that you can redeem from the "loyalty points" you collect upon payment. As it accumulates over the years, they`re mostly wasted since many people aren`t aware of them until the bank resets the points. Maybe it`s just a woman`s nature to always look up for good bargains, but I find these points useful when hunting for hard-to-buy resources. This is why I enjoy the credit card rewards I can get with my Discover. I always turn my cash back bonuses into bigger rewards by redeeming the points for gift cards or eCertificates that don`t cost me anything extra. Sometimes, when I in that humble and giving mood - especially around Christmas, I donate my cash back bonuses to charity.

The credit card rewards that Discover offers don`t just end there. Since my husband and I both love travelling, it has become a yearly ritual for the two of us to plan a getaway and just escape to our chosen paradise. The 5% cash back bonus may not sound like much on paper, but it`s an extra night at the hotel. Not only that, I can dine at my favorite restaurant or go for movies and get the 5% cash back bonus throughout the year. The only inconvenience is having to plan out my social events so they pair with the offers from Discover. Otherwise, all`s good.

In a nutshell, I`d recommend Discover® More cards to anyone who is looking for a good deal. Thank you Discover, for helping me discover more and more credit card rewards each time I spend.

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