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Credit Card Reward

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

credit card reward

0% Interest Rate'! Fabulous Prizes and Credit Card Reward With Every Purchase! No Extra Charges!` Do you buy the ad above? Are you skeptical of its promises and claims? Well, if you are, you`re not the only one. I, for one, am absolutely wary of such bombastic, fantastic claims. 0% interest? Is that even possible in this day and age? My sensible gray matter tells me it`s bogus.

That was until I came across the Discover card. And, yes, it was for real. It almost seemed too good to be true, so I just had to do a bit more research (can you blame me?) and I ended up uncovering more than I bargained for. Really.

The whole 0% APR interest is true. What this means for me is that I`m totally exempt from ridiculous interest rates that only serve to add to my expanding bills. Now who needs that? Thumbs up for Discover! So what`s next? Credit card rewards, of course! And we`re not talking ordinary token credit card reward like a measly Tupperware container! Come on! I know you can get that at Mastercard for 7000 points, but with Discover, you get to choose from things you really need, like food vouchers or gas discounts. You can even donate the money to charity.

Fancy a holiday Down Under? Discover`s Credit Card reward promises just that and much more! It makes you (and me) kind off wonder why we were ever customers of any other kind of credit card! If a trip Down Under is not your cup of tea, how about permanent discount membership at your favorite fancy restaurant? My family and I frequent the nearby Johnny`s every week, so it`s a joy to be able to enjoy 5% cash back on practically everything we order, without having to pay a single cent of interest. Bottoms up, people!

New categories are being implemented each year, bus as far as I know, I`ve got my travel, food, gas, gadgets and even groceries covered under the credit card reward scheme. With Discover, it`s like being part of a totally exclusive club that only you know about. I especially like how they send me monthly late notices (so I don`t incur interest) before I`m late in settling my fees, rather than after, which is what happened with my last credit company (not going to mention names here). I know people who are up to their ears in debts and other financial terms, so I can appreciate how Discover`s credit card reward program is taking care of my every need.

Sounds too good to be true? Don`t take my word for it! You`re entitled to your own credit card reward when you sign up for the Discover card.

So if you`re thinking of getting a new credit card, head over to Discover More, online or "offline", and take a look. Before long, you`ll start redeeming all the credit card reward points you want.. As for me, I`ve got a plane to catch and some serious shopping to do in the fashion capital of the world! So hasta la vista and happy Discover(ing), everyone!

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