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Credit Card Reviews

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credit card reviews

Credit card reviews be damned! They`re usually biased and full of false, undeserved praises. Amazing claims abound and anything can be achieved as long as you have such and such a credit card. An exception to this would be the credit card reviews for Discover More.

This card has received positive credit card reviews from virtually every critic on the block, and though not one well versed in financial terms, I`d vouch for the Discover More credit card anytime! Here`s why: With Discover More, I have a world of opportunities and offers at my doorstep! It isn`t the best cash back credit card for no reason. That`s right-the Discover More card offers you a 5% cash back on various purchases throughout the year-so I can do my shopping year round without having to wait for seasonal sales. From travel, to restaurants, home equipment, and the likes, the card has got everything covered. Even gas and groceries! Can any other card beat that?

Credit card reviews don`t actually do justice to the Discover card. Did you know that you get 0% charges on APR? I didn`t know until I finally applied for the card. This makes it all the more perfect for holiday shopping, as the Discover More card offers a 0% APR on purchases for 6 months. Unlike the balance transfer feature, there is no fee to take advantage of the 0% on purchases. Simply use the card, and for six months, pay no interest. You will have to pay at least the minimum payment amount each month, but the entire payment will go to principle, not interest. A perfect solution for a shopaholic like moi!

Another thing everyone, myself included, raves about is the quirky cool designs you can choose to customize your Discover card-now that`s something you don`t get with your Visa right? Discover card let's you chose from more than 150 designs for the More card. While you can browse all of the designs on Discovers` online application page, here are a few of my favorites: One with the American flag in the background, a very adorable pug, and a totally colorful mini van. Talk about creative!

But that`s not all. Have you tried calling customer service? Curt replies and irritated voices are what you usually hear with others, but you won`t be getting the surly treatment at Discover-as I`ve discovered (pun intended!) Having spoken to Discovers` customer service several times, I know first hand that the customer representatives are friendly and helpful. And Discover promises that you'll reach a live person within sixty seconds of calling customer support. True to word, I`ve never had to wait longer than that. The staff are always at hand, willing to answer any question you have, however small it might be. So don`t hesitate to call them should the need so arise.

As far as credit card reviews go, I`m giving the Discover card 7 stars! And no, this is not one of those biased reviews. The Discover More card is arguably the best overall credit card available, no buts!

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