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Credit Card Review

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credit card review

I was initially reluctant to do a credit card review on Discover More. As a financial journalist for a leading investment magazine, I`m constantly analyzing and reviewing the best deals (both business and pleasure) for my readers, and as for credit cards? Been there, done that. There isn`t a credit card that I`ve yet to review and give my recommendation.

That`s until my boss sent me the Discover More credit card. Ok, I can do this - same old same old, right? Wrong! The Discover More credit card is definitely in a league of it`s own. Having done credit card review after credit card review, I have to admit I have sort of grown blasé about the whole plastic issue. As long as it buys you what you want and you don`t get into debt, what`s the difference between a Visa and a Mastercard?

Wrong again! With Discover, it`s all about the customer. One feature that I quite liked about the card was that I got to choose the design background, so that my card would be unique to myself and no one else. Now that`s something you don`t get elsewhere! I chose a sun and surf theme because it had this calming effect on me whenever I got stressed at work. It`s nice to know that no one else has the same credit card design like mine.

A credit card review is supposed to be as critical as possible, but it was hard to find fault with the people at Discover. I tested out their customer service, and they were prompt with their reply and very, very efficient in helping me solve my ‘problem`. I was pleased with the quick response and limited downtime, so as far as customer service goes, I guess I`d give them an A plus!

Part of the credit card review includes safety features, and as far as safety is concerned, as a customer of Discover, I doubt I should have any concerns! Stringent security measures have been implemented to guard customer`s credit card information. This includes a 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encodes any information you send over the internet, so as to prevent online phishing of credit card information.

Discover More is all about putting the customer first, so paying your bills for credit cards online is made easy for your convenience. All you need is a blank check for your account to enroll. Enter your banking information once during sign up and you'll never have to enter it again. There's no charge for using this service. To enroll or make a payment, log in to the Account Center, for which you have to register.

Overall, I must say I had a smashing time doing this Discover More credit card review. I can truly say it was an enriching experience for myself as well, as it opened my eyes to the privileges of an extraordinary credit card. This wasn`t a boring assignment, but an informative eye opener, and as far as reviews go, I`m giving this one the 5 star treatment.

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