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credit card rate

What`s your credit card rate? High? Low? Yeah, thought so. I don`t think anyone is quite satisfied with their credit card rate. I mean, the lower the better right? In case you were wondering, I was one of those unsatisfied customers too. I`d gone from one credit card to the next faster than you can say ‘Visa`, in the (futile) hope that I`d somehow manage to solve my debts and get more for it.

I couldn`t have been further from solving my financial woes. The only thing I got from that is an impressive credit card collection! Not good. It was time to get my act together, but did that mean giving up my credit card pleasures? Thankfully, no. I happened to be surfing the net when I came across an ad for Discover More credit cards, advertising an extremely low credit card rate, compiled with loads of added offers. Hmmm……0% APR? 5% Cash back? I think I can handle that right?

Before I got cold feet, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a Discover More card. The worst that could happen was that I`d end up in more debt - hardly different given the current circumstances, right?

For starters, here`s the best part - I don`t even have to pay a sign up fee, so common with other cards. Annual membership is absolutely free. Heck, as a member, I even stand a chance to win their annual cash back lotteries. Isn`t that superb?

My relationship with Discover got off on a great start, and it`s been that way ever since. As for credit card rate complaints? I have none to voice out yet. True to their word, my credit card rate is indeed very low. In fact, it`s safe to say it`s almost non-existent as long as I maintain a disciplined paymaster. Plus, I`m only charged 0% on APR. This means that I don`t have to pay unnecessary interest on anything I buy.

Speaking of which, 5% of whatever I spend gets credited back to my credit card balance, so there is no way I`m going broke with my Discover More credit card as I`m always guaranteed a return balance. This in turn levies my credit card rate and prevents me from going over board.

Of course, if I do forget how much I`ve spent, Discover will send me an email alert to tell me about it. I can even check my credit card rate balance from my computer through my online account. What I absolutely love is their Spend Analyzer, which helps me keep track of purchases. On top of that, it also compares prices of recent items I`ve purchased and strives to find the best bargain.

There are credit cards, and then there are credit cards - you get what I mean. Personally, signing up for the Discover More credit card was probably the best decision I`ve ever made for myself. Their credit card rates are simply fantastic! I`m totally carefree, debt free and living the life I`ve always wanted.

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