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Credit Card Interest Rates

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credit card interest rates

Us family guys have got to stick together, so when a friend recently announced his inclusion into the realm of fatherhood, I waited for the time when he would start talking about sacrifices. As a budding family guy myself, I know all about sacrifice, especially the small ones you have to make when you suddenly run out of diapers or when your kid needs a new pair of baby clothes that cost more than the clothes on your back. When you first start out as a parent, you tend to come to the awful realization that to get all the best things in life for your kid, you probably have to sacrifice the best things in life for yourself. It doesn`t always have to be this way, but most people don`t have a stockpile of savings or a rich inheritance to rely on, and since I didn`t have either of these things, I guess I fall into that category as well. Instead I`ve had to rely on good old plastic to help balance out the expenses, so it`s good to get one with good credit card interest rates.

Why? That`s because low credit card interest rates mean that I can use the card without feeling guilty about having to pay 200% more next month for what I purchased this month. I m quite thankful that I don`t have one of those horror story credit cards whose credit card interest rates come up to between 190% and 240%. Thankfully, I think the people who came up with the Discover More credit card I currently use were originally family people as well, as the credit card interest rates there are among the lowest I`ve found. At a standard APR, the credit card interest rates there stand from 11.99% to 18.99%, which is quite low as far as most credit card companies go.

Low credit card interest rates aren`t the only thing going for the cards as they nicely include a 5% cashback bonus for all the purchases made. And since these bonuses also cover all the small stuff I`ve had to sacrifice for, I find that this nicely gives me access back to all those little things I`ve had to let go. So, even though I`ve got to get a new shipment of baby formula (which costs a bomb by the way!), I still get a 5% cash back bonus and get to enjoy an ice cream on the way home. Granted, sometimes we have to leave the kid with the folks or get a babysitter just to enjoy a proper night together, but for the most part, the rewards and bonuses I get from the Discover More card are pretty worthwhile.

With many businesses going online, the eCertificates in particular are especially useful since they come up with new stuff all the time. I find that I can tide some of the family`s essentials from the cash back bonuses and loyalty points, so it`s a big help.

When my new father friend starts complaining about sacrifices, which I know he will, I`ve got just the card for him, especially since he`s not the type to stockpile savings. If you`re scouting around for a new credit card, I`d recommend Discover More.

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