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credit card info

I still clearly recall being charged $1,000 for a shopping spree I supposedly had done in Osaka, Japan. I had a huge shock when my credit card statement came in that particular month, and was rather anxious to resolve the issue with my respective card issuer.
When I called the bank to report a fraud charge, the telemarketer took 30 minutes to pass the line over to the personnel in charge of credit card fraud. After a long wait, and a heated debate with the staff, I was told that they needed 3 months to rectify my dispute. Their actions were so irresponsible, considering that the charge was their mistake to begin with.

An incident like mine could have easily been kept at bay if the card issuer had taken stringent procedures to avoid fraud and card manipulation. Card issuers should take the liberty of protecting their customer`s credit card information.

As such, banks should take the responsibility of safe guarding the credit card information of their consumers to a higher level. Fraud warnings and alerts should not be compromised as a measure to create safe and protected online banking. An online credit transaction site should come side by side with state-of-the-art technology to deter fraudulence and leaking of vital credit card information.

Credit card users should also play an equal role in protecting their credit card information. Each month when the credit card statement arrives in the mail, a wise consumer should go through the statement articulately, line by line, if only to make sure that every charge is legit. In the scenario of being charged for something you do not recognize, it is better not to assume you had forgotten what you had spend it on, and double check to see if there are any signs of fraudulence. A $5 fraudulent charge might not seem like much in the beginning, but this amount can potentially compound if not managed from the start.

The Discover More Credit Card service is a notable card issuer. The Discover More Credit Card boasts secured 128-bit password protection and proven online banking methods which care`s for the interest of the customer`s private credit card information. This way, card holders do not need to worry about other individuals opening credit card accounts in their name. The timely e-mail reminders are a plus point because they help you keep track of your ongoing expenditures. This way, you don`t have to worry about paying a huge chunk of bills at the end of the day due to bad credit management.

The thing I like most about this service provider is that it is one of the very few card issuers which has a team of fraud specialists dedicated to help curb the theft of credit card information 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Ever since my catastrophic $1000 shopping fraudulence, I now take privacy and protection very seriously. I highly recommend the Discover More Credit Card service for safe, hassle free and secured payment experience.

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