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Credit Card Comparisons

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credit card comparisons

I personally love shopping. Every weekend my girls and I would go shopping at the mall but there`s one thing I can never forget to bring along - my Discover® More card. I`ve done quite a few credit card comparisons, but this one definitely stands out. It is undeniably the best out there and it will make your day with all the fabulous rewards it has to offer. No shopping spree is perfect without my Discover® More card. I`ve viewed so many credit card comparisons tables online, and the result led me to this card. I`m thankful for that.

Customer satisfaction is one of their main priorities, I believe, because I`m nothing but satisfied with everything they have provided me. From customer service to special fraud protection, this credit card covers everything. If you were to go round making credit card comparisons, trust me, you would give this one two thumbs up.

Most of the purchases I make, either cheap or expensive, I still get something back in return. I used to have loads of credit cards in my purse but I`ve now discovered all I need is my Discover® More card, it`s an all-in-one card that provides nothing but happiness. In addition, what I really like about Discover® More is it`s online shopping mall. I get 5% Cashback Bonus through ShopDiscover. That`s not all; it doesn`t even have an annual fee. Imagine how much I save!

As I said, its customer service is good; no, I mean outstanding. Discover® More never ceases to amaze me with its live phone support. The service I get from them, the answers I get are almost immediate. Besides that, I`ve subscribed to this e-mail reminder service they provided, it impresses. It never fails to remind me to pay up my bills, to avoid unnecessary charges. That`s yet another service that impresses!

My Discover® More card has a design that`s out of this world. After doing some credit card comparisons, I managed to discover that my Discover® More card is the classiest credit card there is. I never get tired with all the funky designs I can choose from.
Another feature it has in it is its loyalty to its customers. The fraud protection system protects me from all kinds of crooks out there, it`s guaranteed!

Before I applied for Discover® More, I never did like budget shopping. I felt so…restricted. Now, with my Discover® More card, there`s no such thing as a tight budget. I get more rewards for shopping at special department stores, like once; I paid $45 for a birthday gift that was actually priced at $50. This is really good stuff in the long term. At first I underestimated its rewards, but when my mother started to keep track of what we saved, I was AMAZED.

It provides us security, great discounts, and even great rewards! What more can I ask for? Don`t believe me? Why not do your own credit card comparisons; and as I said many times before, I wouldn`t be surprised if your end results were the same as mine. I`m proud to be a part of Discover® More.

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