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I am shopaholic. I am everything synonymous to compulsive buying, a slave to malls, and an addict to all things glitzy and glamorously fashionable.

I get the adrenaline out of purchasing new stuff. I have the biggest fetish for Jimmy Choos. I simply adore Prada and can`t live a day without it. I always thought if there was a god, I think he must be Karl Lagerfeld.

Undeniably, my extreme passion for fashion has made a big spender. My dad once told me feeling lost without credit cards or buying heaps of items on credit that would not be bought on cash are the two ultimate symptoms of shopping addiction.

Luckily, there is always the very versatile and handy Discover More Credit Card service! Well, if I am already going to buy those Jimmy Choos which I can`t stop thinking about, I might as well buy them with a credit card which gives me the best cash back benefits, right? Comparing the Discover More Credit Card service with other existing credit card services in the market, Discover definitely, by a huge mile, gives way more rebates on various shopping items. The 5% rebate does do a shopaholic long term justice.

After buying my Burberry handbag which cost me $1000, I instantly received a rebate of $50. I then took the $50 and bought the latest lipstick shade from Channel`s No. 5 winter collection. Since then, I never looked back. Comparing the Discover Credit Card service with the other 6 credit cards I have in my purse, I would most obviously be unable to relish myself with the same liberties.

Also, comparing Discover Credit Cards with the other services around, I rarely see a credit card service which gives a 25 days grace period. Well, if that doesn`t impress you I think the 5-20% cash back on selected shopping sites is guaranteed to blow your mind away.

Apart from shopping, I also get too indulge in the best deals in town. From fantastic discounts and cash backs whenever I pump gas, dine at my favorite restaurant or taking my beloved toy poddle for a quick manicure and trim at the nearby pet store, the list does not end! Turning my cash back bonuses into larger rewards every time I redeem gift cards and instant eCertificates from the variety of panel partners keeps me excited every month end. With Discover More Credit Cards, everyday feels like waking up on Christmas morning.

Comparing with other credit cards in the market, Discover has awesome designs! I love the biodegradable Discover card! There surely a card for everyone and a great design and color to complement the different personalities out there.
Discover More Credit card also has 0 APR and is leading the industry with its creative and competent plans. By comparing its cash back bonus alone, Discover More Credit Card wins by a mile!

I have not come to the best part yet! The timely e-mail reminders keep me at bay from the additional late charges. I tend to forget a lot so this definitely works for me.

If I were to compare the Discover More Credit Card service with other existing credit card services in the market, I sincerely recommend this card to everyone out there. Coming from someone who has been spending dangerously and used more than 16 different credit cards, the Discover Card is yet unbeatable. I personally think whoever came out with the Discover More credit card is nothing short of an Albert Einstein. All hats off for the ultra genius Discover More Credit Cards!

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