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Credit Card Cash Back

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

Credit card cash back

Cell phone…check. Ipod….yup. Compact mirror….definitely! Car keys…check and check. Discover More credit card cash back?! Double check! There`s no way I`m leaving home without that all important, reward earning credit card cash back!

When it comes to the best credit card cash back, no one should leave home without Discover More. In terms of rewards, discounts and countless benefits, I`ve definitely gained a lot from my Discover More card than any other credit card cash back. After all, every time I use my Discover card for any purchase, I get back 5% of whatever amount I spend.

So let`s assume I blow $5000 on a Birkin bag, I stand to get back $250 of the money I`ve already spent. Bags are not the only category of items I`m entitled to. With Discover, there`s so much to look forward to. Like home equipment-think plasma tvs, stereo systems and more techno gadgets. Then there`s food! From MacDonald`s to some posh eatery with 3 Michelin star cuisine, I get it all! Even my grocery shopping is taken care of. I`m never without my Discover More credit card cash back when I make my way to the nearest Cold Storage to stock up on fruits and veggies.

To top it all, as a member ShopDiscover, Discover More`s online shopping site, I get to do my shopping online too, with a guaranteed discount of 5 to 20%. Want that rare, exotic snakeskin handbag that is sold only in Italy? Or some rare herbs only sourced in Peru? No need to make your way to said countries-just log in to your account and purchase it, and before you know it, it will be shipped to you ASAP, and with 5% money back too! Now that`s what I call a real bargain!

Another definite bonus is the 0% annual fee. Most cards charge the roof for the ‘privilege` to be associated with them, but at Discover, it`s the other way round. They consider themselves lucky to be associated with their clients, and thus the non existent annual fee. On top of that, as a member, you stand a chance to win unlimited cash rewards, with best cash back credit cards ,the amount grows bigger and bigger by the year. Last year, I won $2000 with my Discover More card, and am hoping for a much bigger windfall this year. Plus, there are tons of attractive prizes to be won. Plasma tv anyone? After all, long term members are very much valued in every sense of the word.

From the luxurious to the minor, my Discover More credit card cash back has got me covered and that`s a comforting thought. It`s got some of the best deal I`ve ever come across and till today, I`ve yet to find a card that can beat such rates. As far as I`m concerned, Discover can count me as their customer for a very long time to come.

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