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When I first applied for the Discover® More credit card, I was badly in credit card debts and was looking for a way out to salvage my financial situation. I actually was not looking into further credit card application. However due to my brother`s advice who is a Discover® More credit card holder, I decided to visit http://www.discovercard.com/more/rewards.html?i=1 before taking any further action. Consider my situation at that time, suffering deeply through misused credit cards, and looking for a way to solve my problems.

To say that Discover® More provided an excellent solution to me is an understatement. This credit card application not only helped me settle my previous credit card debts, it also helped me manage my finances better. The reason why I am saying this is because with my old credit cards, I used to have this problem of forgetting to pay my due amounts when the due date arrives. Not anymore with the Discover® More credit card. Even if I forget to settle my credit card bill, a representative from Discover® More would give me a ring to remind me of my responsibilities. The result? No more missed payments! And I save on all the interest charges that I incurred for late payments with my previous credit card.

How did I manage my previous credit card debts? Through the Discover® More credit card application, I was able to transfer my remaining balance with my previous credit cards into a new plan with Discover® More. The terms offered to me were extremely attractive, and once I found out about these payment terms at http://www.discovercard.com/more/rewards.html?i=1, my Discover® More credit card application was never in doubt anymore. I signed up immediately with the 0% Intro APR plan, and watched happily as my previous credit card debts disappeared before my very eyes.

What more, this credit card comes without annual fees! And also there aren`t any fine prints that hide the truth of such annual fees like some of the other credit cards on offer today. One of the many reasons I signed up for the Discover® More credit card is because I do not believe in paying annual fees for credit cards. Free for life credit cards are what I like, thus I took to Discover® More credit cards very quickly. The cash back bonus offered with the card was another pulling factor for me as I spend quite a large amount of money on everyday things such as fuel and groceries.

The tagline for Discover® More credit cards is "Make Your Money Worth More". I certainly realized that this was not just a marketing gimmick after being a loyal Discover® More credit card user for close to two years now. Trust me, this credit card application is one of the wiser moves that I have done in my life thus far, and I suggest for those who are looking at a future credit card application, Discover® More credit cards would prove to be an excellent choice. I suggest that the next time you are browsing online, take a sneak peek at the Discover® More credit cards at http://www.discovercard.com/more/rewards.html?i=1. Trust me when I say that you will be impressed with what you see. And when you decide that this credit card application is the right thing to do, you will never look back again after experiencing the Discover® More credit cards.

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