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Cash Back Credit Card

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

cash back credit card

Shopping, famous for its endearing ability to remove the emotional pain of daily works and stresses, have become a "therapy" routine of sorts for many working men and women around the world. Of course, with the way the financial situation is around the world, people need credit cards to make their purchases. While they are convenient, they can rack up a lot of debts if the user isn`t careful. There have been no shortage of horror stories of credit card defaulters who went over the edge as a result of sleepless nights.

Luckily, there`s a new kid in town which somewhat eases the load of loaners, and that`s the cash back credit card. Its main benefit lies in that it helps to reduce the amount needed to settle the loan. Of course, savvy shoppers are just using that as an excuse to get even more out of their shopping, as I have.

After a month`s spending spree with my previous card, I was forced to face the mountain of debts I`d incurred with my credit card. I realized that there was a need for me to balance my retail addiction with that of realism, so I decided I needed a sound financial solution which would offer both these factors in my favor. Since my personal favorite was shopping at Macy`s and Fifth Avenue Saks, I started looking for a credit card which provided specific discounts for these chains within my vicinity. It was this search that brought the Discover More to my attention, an instant approval cash back credit card.

Basically, the anatomy of a cash back credit card is quite simple - you redeem a small sum debited back into your account each time you make a transaction. While the discounts you get for each transaction differs, they typically offer between 3% to 5% back most of the time, which can total up to a lot of savings when you factor in necessities like food and gas.

It`s enlightening to know that part of every penny I spend is invested back for future use. Considering how the economic mood is brooding about now, it`s better to save up and prepare for a rainy day. Discover More`s cash back credit cards also offers a program where you can reap additional benefits. I had a great time taking advantage of their sales exhibition at the mall nearby a few weeks back as everything there was on offer for as much as 10% to anyone using a Discover credit card.

In addition, I get to settle my payments from the comfort of my own home. No more queuing up at banks for me. Discover More also gives me the option of converting my reward points into cash for charity.

I`ve got my Discover More cash back credit card, and have not regretted it…yet, so I guess I must have done something right. I wouldn`t say the card is perfect, but if someone asked me for my recommendation, I`d definitely say that the Discover More cash back credit card is a value purchase. As for me, I`m going to do more shopping!

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