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best credit card

From the plethora of offerings thrown by banks these days, it almost seems as if every credit card iwill give you the world. Every single bank in the world will claim to have the best credit card service and not unveil their hidden clauses, compounding interests and annual charges, all written in fine print. But of course they don`t - that`s effective marketing.

Nevertheless, to avoid falling prey to glorified advertising, I always believe in getting first-hand experience to be sure of what I`m getting myself into. Over the years, I`ve used an array of credit cards; so many cards that I tend to lose track on my payment due dates. It doesn`t take a genius to know that banks charge optimal interest to card holders, as credit risk is the key to a card issuer`s profitability. I simply despise credit borrowers who do not have the decency to remind card holders of payment deadlines and minimum payment amounts. To me, that is called customer service. I think it`s fair to say that banks who do not provide transparent and adequate customer service and yet still claim that they have the best credit cards in town are committing a crime of false advertisement.

Yes, I have been an unfortunate victim of compounding interests for innocently missing a payment deadline due to a monthly statement which got lost in the mail. On several other occasions, I was also charged with a series of interests by Bank X. Being the multinational banking institution that Bank X is, I fail to understand why is it so hard for Bank X to send me an e-mail reminder or a courtesy call? Aren`t e-mails free of charge?

Many credit card issuers out there often tack-on additional fees or surcharges that are not disclosed to the public in the advertised price. It sure is a bummer to find out I have been charged with some form of activation fee for my new credit card service. In a huge majority of these scenarios, I find that the disclaimers for these fees are hidden in fine print. Most of the time, the truth is covered up and designed to confuse and obfuscated by ambiguous terminology.

After having been bitten once, I am now twice as shy before making any decisions on spending with my CCs. Coming from a person who has seen the bad side of credit cards; I am now able to strongly differentiate a good card issuer from the bad.

The best credit cards give 0% APR upon subscription and great cash back bonuses on day-to-day household needs, groceries, petrol and entertainment. The best credit cards do not impose yearly subscription fees or activation fees of any sort; instead they provide free life time subscription. Good credit card issuers are clear on the services they render and do not have cleverly crafted money traps which unveil after the card holder signs on the dotted line. The best credit cards have consistent, helpful and genuine payment reminders to help keep their loyal customers on track and financially in touch with their spending.

After all these years, I highly rank the Discover More Credit Card service as my favorite pick. I personally enjoyed its awesome 5% cash back service every time I run my daily errands. To me, it is by far the best credit card I have ever used. Even till today, it still gives me the best services and makes every penny of my money worth more. I am now more confident and comfortable with my spending. Since I had my Discover More Credit Card, my money has always been in safe hands. You can do the same for yourself too!

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