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Best Credit Card Rewards

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

best credit card rewards

I have to admit I was never a fan of credit cards. I could never understand what all the fuss was about. Who wants to pay for a card, and then pay interest for whatever you purchase, and end up paying more than you actually would? It doesn`t make sense right? But all this was before I discovered the wonders of the Discover More credit card! All my phobia about ending up in debt was an impossible occurrence with this card.

How is that possible? Well with the Discover card, I get 5% cash back on various purchases throughout the year, no matter what I spend on! So if I happen to want that latest designer bag, which might burn a $1000 hole in my wallet, I only have to pay $950. Talk about saving and best credit card rewards! Accessories aren`t the only category I`m entitled to. There`s home equipment, travel, restaurants and even groceries-every aspect of life is covered by my Discover More best credit card rewards and it doesn`t get any better than that!

I also get some of the best credit card rewards when I use my Discover card to travel. Be it booking the airline ticket, or making hotel reservations, everything is made so much easier with Discover. With my Discover card, I`ve been able to see the world-Italy, Morocco, China, USA, you name it, I`ve been there. What`s more, with all my accumulated cash back money, I usually am able to treat my friends and family to a surprise vacation! Last December, I managed to gift my parents with a second honeymoon trip to Australia. Needless to say, they were beyond pleased, and I have my Discover card to thank!

Best credit card rewards don`t stop there just yet! With the Discover More credit card, I am not charged any interest when I buy something. This is made possible through their 0% APR on balance transfers. So let`s say I put a down payment on a new stereo system, I don`t have to pay any interest in the time I take to pay out the full sum. It`s an absolutely perfect system that any customer would like.

Discover More is all about putting the customer first, so paying my bills online is made so much easier and convenient. I pay most of my bills online. All I needed was a blank check for my account to enroll. Enter your banking information once during sign up and you'll never have to enter it again. There's no charge for using this service. To enroll or make a payment, log in to the Account Center, for which you have to register. Having used their online service for many years, I can safely assure you that it`s a 100% safe and spam free.

As far as I`m concerned, when it comes to best credit card rewards, no one can trump the Discover card. As a credit card, it has everything I could ever want and more. My initial reluctance of getting a credit card due to unnecessary worries have been dispelled. I know now that with Discover, I`m in safe hands, and guaranteed of only the best.

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