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Best Credit Card Rates

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best credit card rates

The recession is causing many to be afraid of lending, and it was of no wonder that my friends and family thought I had gone off the deep end when I told them I was getting a credit card. The worsening economy is a good excuse given by lending institutions to keep a person constantly paying credit interest rates. Any financial institution which advertises best credit card rates are blatantly lying to the public.

I was one of those customers who had a great track record of keeping up-to-date payments, and still I realized that I was stuck with ridiculously high interest rates that kept ballooning even though I was a good paymaster.

I had perused the internet looking for a fantastic credit card which offered the best credit card rates and privileges. I assumed that with my steady income and financial record, I had a good bargaining chip. The only thing regrettable about the Discover More card was that I should have taken it up sooner.

Applying for the card was easy and fast; I just applied online and was contacted by their very friendly staff who guided me efficiently through the process. Within a week of applying, I had received my card. The choices for the designs of the card were all very attractive.

The Discover More card does boast of fantastic cardholder benefits and the best credit card rates. Depending on your lifestyle and spending needs, they have so many different types of cards and packages. There is no annual fee (I was paying annual fees every year for my previous credit cards), and they even practice cash-backs for purchases. The fact that there is no annual fee sealed the deal for me as this was an age where many financial companies are killing their customers with yearly, biennially and monthly fees. As the Discover More card was not charging me any unnecessary fees, they are on the top of my list of cards with the best credit card rates.

I am usually a very thrifty person and have never purchased any item using credit. The Discover More card allows me to relax a little as I don`t incur any interest during the first year of purchases. So instead of saving up for a year to get that Flat Screen that I had my eye on, I just used my Discover More card and paid for my purchase as I am enjoying it. It was hassle-free and so easy to use. The fact that they have been around for 25 years makes them sturdy and reputable, and I was comfortable knowing that my money was in safe hands.

My Discover More card had really good benefits for travelers. Since my passion in life is travelling, having this card allowed me to benefit even more from my travels. It offers among the best credit card rates for your travelling related expenses, and Discover More gives so many miles points for using the card, that I find myself using my card for everything. Sometimes I went on a holiday with nothing but my Discover More card. As a new card member, I was given a few thousand points upon signing up. I was also given double miles points for each transaction made in my first year and more bonus points depending on the transaction made. With all these miles points, my second trip was almost paid for before my first trip was over.

In my personal experience as a new and very frequent user of the Discover More credit card, I can say that this is the card with the best credit card rates to have in your purse or wallet when travelling.

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