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Best Credit Card Offers

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

best credit card offers

Some people claim that MasterCard is the best credit card in America. I think otherwise, as I have compared and finally came to the conclusion that the Discover More credit card is the best. It gives you everything you need, everything you desire. I`ve probably went through dozens of offers and websites, but nothing really attracted my attention until I saw everything the Discover More Card had to offer. Of course, I wasn`t a believer at first, but when I actually applied for it, my perspective changed. There don`t charge any annual fees, and one of the best features of the card is their cash back service. They also gave me the best credit card offers, which pair with the shops I usually frequent.

The Discover More credit card offers some of the best credit card offers around. Firstly, it has a 5% cash back bonus which covers almost all categories, from travelling, shopping in home improvement stores, purchasing high-priced gas, and many more. Now, my shopping can be cheaper and much more affordable than before! In addition, there`s also a 1% cash back bonus that applies to every single purchase made, no matter what it is. I really appreciate this feature because I get so much more in return! These are absolutely the best credit card offers!

Being a cardholder of Discover More also allows me to make purchases from their online shopping mall - Shop Discover. Instead of the usual 5% cash back, we can get up to 20% cash back in our purchases! Amazing isn`t it? While its privileges are great in the US, they are not so outside the US, as the discounts only work within national borders. To make up for that, Discover More provides their customers with a great service while travelling to other countries. They allow you to withdraw the local currency no matter where you may be - at only a 2% interest rate. This particular method has saved me the trouble of having to locate a money changer countless number of times, especially when I`m in a pinch during a business trip.

I`m grateful that I`m a Discover More cardholder. Aside from the offers, Discover More also gives a grace period of 25 days to pay up our bills, so we don`t need to worry so much about incurring extra interest as a result of paying late.

I believe I`m relatively lucky to have found Discover More, as I came to know about it in a brochure. It has certainly allowed me to "discover more" (pun intended), and I give it two thumbs up! Don`t underestimate the power of one card - I`ve saved so much more than you can imagine.

My friends who have used it also agree with my comments, saying that they have some of the best credit card offers out there. But even though they may provide the best credit card offers around, there`s always more room for improvement. Personally, I feel that there`s so much potential for the card to grow even more, and hope that they have some action plan concerning this. Still, Discover More has been a great card, and I recommend it to anyone who`s looking to apply for a new credit card.

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