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Best Credit Card Deals

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

best credit card deals

Which institution offers the best credit card deals? Is it MasterCard or American Express? Well, take this with a pinch of salt, but I think it`s the Discover More Card. This credit card gives you an offer you virtually cannot refuse. When I was applying for a credit card, I must have looked through a tonnes of brochures, but none of them really got my interest until I chanced upon the Discover More Card. What really caught my eye were the rewards that this card offered. This credit card has so many rewards that you can easily lose count of them. They have no annual fees, give cash back discounts, and offer heaps of choices to claim your redemption points. The vast variety of prizes to choose from gives one the impression that this credit card has unlimited rewards.

To start things off, the card offers some of the best credit card deals in the industry. This particular card offers a saliva-inducing 5% cash back bonus for certain offers based on their calendar, ranging from categories such as travel, home improvement stores, gas and much more. If that`s not enough, they have a daily 1% cash back bonus which you can redeem for practically any purchase you make. That`s like getting $101 for every $100 you spend. Not world-shaking, but it`s one of the best credit card deals if you ask me.

Continuing my research onto the card, I found out that if you buy from retailers at Shop Discover`s website, you can get an extra 5% to 20% cash back bonus. The APR for the card is 0%. 0%, plus, there`s no over limit fee as well. It sounds too good to be true, doesn`t it? However, with all good things there`s a catch, and the catch with this one is that you can only make use of the privileges in the United States. Great for the average joe, I guess, but not so great for a regular traveler like me. However, I like how I can withdraw cash with the card in any currency wherever I am in the world, for only 2% interest. That`s lower than the rates most native money changers give, and I can get my cash quick when I need it most.

Coming back to Discover More Card`s bills, they provide a grace period of 25 days during which interest won`t be incurred on loans you have not settled. That means I won`t need to worry (relatively) about paying late since there`s a long period for me to sweep up some cash and pay up.

Despite some of the setbacks, it still is among the best credit card deals around. I`d personally give the Discover More credit card 4 out of 5 stars. Though the discount only applies for new card applications, it surely gets my two thumbs up; at least it`s providing value over hype. Kudos to Discover for the offers they give. This surely is the best credit card deal you can get nearby.

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