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Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

best cash back credit cards

Best cash back credit cards. They almost sound like an oxymoron. To me, credit cards usually spell debt and high interest rates, for things you don`t even need anyway. In other words, an unnecessary hassle. Looking back, I only realize how naÔve I was. Credit cards are not all about disaster and gloom. If you know how to choose the best cash back credit cards that is. And to me, that could only be one word: Discover.

Much to my delight, I don`t have to reign in my spending sprees, as I actually stand to gain from it! That`s right. With the 5% cash back policy, I virtually have a 5% discount on everything I buy. This can range from things as diverse as travel to restaurants, gas and even groceries! Best cash back credit cards don`t get better than that!

So every time I take a much needed vacation or eat out at my favorite restaurant, I`m actually doing myself a favor, as I get 5% off of everything I spend. That way, I can always make sure that I have leftover money to spend and am never broke. It`s like getting paid to shop, and who doesn`t love that right?

Another definite bonus is the 0% annual fee. Most cards charge the roof for the Ďprivilege` to be associated with them, but at Discover, it`s the other way round. They consider themselves lucky to be associated with their clients, and thus the non existent annual fee. On top of that, as a member, you stand a chance to win unlimited cash rewards, with best cash back credit cards ,the amount grows bigger and bigger by the year. Last year, I won $2000 with my Discover More card, and am hoping for a much bigger windfall this year. Plus, there are tons of attractive prizes to be won. Plasma tv anyone? After all, long term members are very much valued in every sense of the word.

That`s not all. When I became a member of ShopDiscover, Discover More Cards virtual online retailer, I`m guaranteed a whooping 5% to 20% discount at all the online shops. Plus, I don`t even have to leave my seat as I can do all my shopping online. Talk about convenient! Shopping with my Discover More card has yielded me a world of opportunities that only come with such membership, and I`m glad to be part of the Discover team. Truly, only best cash back credit cards like Discover can afford to do such a thing.

When it comes to best cash back credit cards, I know nothing can trump the Discover More card. I`m glad to know that I`m a client of such an esteemed and beneficial credit card, and whenever friends need help in choosing a card, I always recommend Discover. I wouldn`t be a loyal customer if I wasn`t getting a good deal right? But don`t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and start reaping the rewards!

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