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Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

best balance transfer credit cards

I still clearly recall the depression and anxiety I went through having accumulated mountains of credit card debt. To a certain extent, I felt those plastic cards with your name engraved on them were satanic! The amount of temptation and urge having them inside your wallet is enough to bring out the shopaholic in every person. Not only was I driven to purchase things which I never thought I needed, I begun spending like money did not existed. The accumulated spending, lousy financial decisions and impulsive swiping of my credit cards left me with the worse - credit card debt. Yes, I was stupid, ignorant and shallow.

Mummy had always nagged about my bad habits. Bad habits die hard. I guess I had to learn it the hard way. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the compounding interests. I had so many credit cards that I completely lost track of everything. I often and almost always missed the payment due date. My cards were often barred due to insufficient credits and I found myself rushing all over town, trying to admit the minimum payment in attempts to get my cards unbarred.

The worse moments that come hand in hand with credit card debt was specifically when my credit card got rejected at the POS terminal while shopping at the mall. It was and is still an exceedingly poor experience having the cashier giving me a cold "Do you actually have money?" stare. I hated it.

These horrid experiences are now history when I finally learned the true meaning of efficient financial planning. I am now using the best balance transfer credit card in the market - The Discover More Credit Card!

The 12 months 0% interest best balance transfer credit card program on Discover More Credit Cards did help me tremendously in covering up the big hole I`ve burnt in my pocket. Apart from the favorable rates for balance transfer, the Discover More Credit Card is the ultimate cash rewards credit card in the market today. Offering a whopping 5% cash back on purchases, 0% interest on purchases for the first 6 months and zero annual fees, it is the next best thing since Barack Obama revived the American Economy.
Yes, the Discover More credit card is one of the few credit cards in the market which offer 12 months 0% APR on balance transfers, virtually making it the best balance transfer credit card there is. Most balance transfer credit cards out there typically offer a 0% APR for a 6 months duration instead of 12 months.

If best balance transfer credit cards aren`t what you need, there is always the very enjoyable 5% cash back bonus for movies, travel, dining and more when you transact via credit card. I even get to double my cash rewards now when I redeem my gift card from the 100 cash bank affiliate partners. With the amazing benefits, cash backs and balance transfer rates, I conclude that the Discover More Credit Card is very different from the other cards out there. With the monthly payment reminders via E-mail, I no longer pay late and I keep track of my expenditure more effectively. I highly recommend this service for a hassle free, safe and secured spending lifestyle.

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