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Bad Credit Credit Card

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bad credit credit card

I am a compulsive shopaholic. I shop all the time, and blowing my credit card budget has not been an uncommon thing for me. So yes, I am a poster victim for bad credit.

As a result of my obsessive compulsive shopping sprees, I am currently paying high interests on my current card debts. It`s an extreme burden on me considering the interest I have to settle every month. While looking for a solution to my dilemma, I noticed several lenders recently offering 0% APR credit cards. I did a substantial amount of research and contrasted the many offers on the market, reading clearly into the terms and conditions. What I realized was that most of these companies only offer this 0% package deal for a limited duration. After that, the lender will have normal interest rates imposed on them again. In addition, this attractive rate is only applicable during the "introductory period".

With so many things to keep in mind, it is vital that a consumer pay strict and detailed attention to the terms and conditions from one lender to another. Taking into scrutiny the permanent rates that the lender imposes is also important to ensure that one does not fall prey to the misleading advertisements. 0% interest on credit cards my look exceedingly irresistible, but it might just make the borrower a victim of sky high permanent rates.

I was lucky enough to come across Discover Financial services. One of the most intriguing features of the Discover Financial services is the very versatile and handy bad credit credit card. One of the most excellent bad credit credit cards is a prepaid credit card. A prepaid credit card functions like a credit card. However, this facility needs a savings account to be open. This account will function as the account balance. The bad credit credit card behaves like a bank circulated debit card, just with a credit card emblem on it. The Discover Financial service bad credit credit card can easily be obtained at http://www.discovercard.com/more/rewards.html?i=1 . The discover bad credit credit card offers 0% APR, 5 % cash back bonus all year round, automatic rewards and more exciting privileges.

The best part about the discover bad credit credit card is you get 5%- 20% cash back guaranties when you purchase from any discover online merchants! Now, I get to shop at my favorite discover merchant and have the privilege of enjoying unlimited cash rewards. From merchants like Clinique, Guess, Godiva, Lenovo, Office Navy, The Body Shop and more, there is always something for every shopping addict. I now get the benefit of purchasing my desired goods at discounted prices and this helps me save some cash. Rewards have never been this easy!

For shopaholics who cannot control their shopping urge, the Discover bad credit credit card can help moderate the amounts spend per visit to a retail outlet. Spending on your Discover bad credit credit card will not cost you any fees or interest charges whatsoever. Undoubtedly, this is a ideal manner for those who seek to organize their credit history.
The Discover bad credit credit card is absolutely the ultimate step towards better credit. As I learn how to make more on-time payments and manage within my financial limits, I now learn to take control of my credits better and make more intelligent financial options. The bad credit credit card is beyond any doubt good therapy for all shopaholics out there!

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