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When you apply for credit cards what are the first things that you sort of hope for from a credit card company? For me it was to be treated right. As a rather experienced user of credit cards, I`ve had several negative associations with credit card staff. Almost all of them are the same in the beginning, when you apply for credit cards from them. First they`ll promise you 24/7 support, then they`ll tell you how easy it is to apply and get approved and that you`re entirely safe with them. Sad to say, I got burned more than once. For the record, I don`t think it was my fault, as I paid all my payments on time, I never maxed out my cards and I was always the one to call them up if there were any problems. The things that burned me the most were the fact that after-application support is just crappy for most credit card companies.

Sure, when you apply for credit cards from them they`re all enthusiastic and encouraging, but when you`re already hooked - line and sinker, no less - they`ll turn their backs on you. When I asked one credit card company about the supposedly free annual fee they offered, I was shunted from one department to the next, placed on hold indefinitely or given multiple phone numbers for the supposed departments. I tried repeatedly and I either got someone willing to help but with no authorization or I got someone who treated me like I was a third-rate schmuck who defaulted on his payments three months in a row.

After much frustration with that company I quickly got out of credit cards, but soon discovered that while some credit card companies do offer good support, not all cards are created equal, so when you apply for credit cards make sure you do some research first. My previous credit card company offered great support, treating me with respect even after the initial credit card application process, but the cards just didn`t offer all that many benefits. The card didn`t get all that many points around purchases, and didn`t have any partnerships with the restaurants and locations that I do use my credit card for.

Thankfully, I quickly found a card that offered everything I wanted with great redeemable stuff, plenty of point redemption options, great after-sales support and even fraud liability protection - which I didn`t even have to pay a cent for. This was the Discover Card, and so far I`ve had no problems. With a quick approval rate after you apply for credit cards from them, they`re by far the friendliest bunch of credit card guys I know to date. I got friendly reminders to pay up, great support from a single hotline number, and at most had to wait 60 seconds (I counted) for them to hook you up to a real live person on the other end, not some disembodied pre-recorded voice and option routine. Since I still had some balance left over from my old credit card I applied for a balance transfer, and sure enough the friendly folks at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) ran me through the process. As a guy with good credit, I managed to apply for credit cards quickly and got my Discover More card within the day.

While I`m no gadget freak, I do use the Internet a good deal, and I was very pleased to find that I could also do most of what I needed from the Discover More Card website. I could easily change designs or apply for a new card directly from the website without having to call or talk to anyone. I also liked the fact that my new Discover More Card offered so many benefits and options to choose my rewards from. While you can go for the restriction free travel package or redeem stuff from their online catalogue and shopping site, I preferred cold hard cash, and the card also delivers there, offering at least 5% Cashback bonuses and options to make my cash rewards grow through eCertificates. All in all, I`ve finally found a credit company that not only has great rewards, but t treats me like a person.If you`re looking to apply for credit cards, click the link below - I for one definitely think you`re on the right path.

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