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apply for credit card

As a working adult fresh after college, I decided after a few months to obtain a couple of credit cards. These credit cards would be useful as an alternative to carrying large amounts of cash around in these unsafe and uncertain times. However, I was spoilt for choice when I wanted to apply for credit cards, as there were so many different alternatives available. Each of these alternatives promised multiple benefits and advantages, and I was at a loss as to which one I should select. That was until one of my new colleagues introduced me to the Discover More credit card. My colleague told me that if I wanted to obtain credit cards, I should definitely apply for credit cards from Discover®, as they have a lasting reputation for good service. Plus, being one of the biggest credit card branches worldwide helps too. The Discover® More credit card definitely caught my eye, so I took his word for it...and haven`t looked back since.

The first thing that caught my eye about the card was the $0 annual fee. Wow! $0 annual fees mean that I am able to use this credit card for free for the rest of my life as long as I pay my monthly dues! I was pleasantly surprised as I expected all credit cards to come with annual fees. Becoming more interested, I continued reading the information on the site. The next thing that caught my eyes was the 5% cash-back bonus that it offered; meaning when I spend on my Discover® More credit cards, I actually get 5% of my cash back! It doesn`t seem like a "terms and conditions" thing, because the fine print did state that foodstuff and gas were eligible for the 5% cash back

I read the many testimonials from various satisfied customers talking about the satisfactory customer service support they received from Discover® More. Of course, there was no other way to confirm this except by trying out the service myself. When the time arrived when I actually wanted to apply for the card, I tried their phone service support to help me with the application. I found the people on the other end of the line to be extremely helpful as it was my first time applying for credit cards. They took time to explain all the terms and conditions to me before securing my acceptance, unlike several of the banking institutions that were plain rude. Hats off to them for that!

In addition to offering credit cards without annual fees, Discover® More credit cards also have an excellent rewards program that would make you smile with anticipation when you look at the gifts on display. I did, and so will you!
I am by nature an extremely forgetful person, so one unique feature of Discover® More that I like is the fact that they send you reminders to pay your bills on time. This in reality saved me from missing payment dates and incurring interest charges. I am thankful that Discover® More offers this service, and recommend anyone who is looking to apply for credit cards to take a look at Discover® More.

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